History Edit

Drake was commanding the Coalition Army into a pincer attack on the enemy with the Dragon Wing Squad, while the Dragon Scale Squad kept a defensive formation.

The Dragon Wing Squad had a great number of soldiers that hit the small-numbered enemy from both sides with their pincer formation, and because the Dragon Scale Squad was smaller they were tasked with blocking the enemy in from the front.

The Coalition Army was a collection of brave souls who continued to route the enemy. As the enemy held back the Dragon Wings, they saw a chance to strike at the heart of their forces. It was then that she appeared, Kurokamihime. Their opponents were still only Demons, so even if they lacked power they could still somehow come out on top, but it was a different story if the enemy was an Evil God.

Riding atop a red horse, she spurred her steed into a gallop and made a rush on the vanguard, completely trampling them. With the vanguard destroyed, our army was at last obliterated.

The enemy numbered 50,000 more than the allied army. And what's more, not all of them were loyal to Drake. The brave soldiers of the Dragon Scale Squad were the ones that saved the stragglers’ lives, but now Drake could only rely on the soldiers that were left.