Demon Lords Edit

In the Demon Lands, there are 108 Demon Lords. At least there were supposed to be, the number varied by generation. Right now there are 100, a little below the standard. All the Demon Lords are each independent entities. Originally, the Great Demon Lord held absolute power, and there were many Demon Lords discontent with that.

Those named 'Demon Lord' are usually chosen as representatives of clans and tribes. They are Demons who are masters of words, but can also read between the lines and recall ancestral information about their enemies.

Heir Dispute Edit

The sovereign Great Demon Lord died without naming a successor. Leaving 3 male heirs of the Great Demon Lord's family.

  • The <Dethroned Crown Prince> Drake
  • <Bishop> Rhorkain
  • <Crown Prince> Lennith

Basically the problem lies between Drake and Lennith. Rhorkain, Drake's uncle, isn't very involved in the conflict. Drake is the previous Great Demon Lord's grandson. Lennith is of matrilineal lineage, and is the son of Drake's Aunt. His father is also a descendant from the Great Demon King's bloodline, but far removed. So that means Drake's claim to the throne is more legitimate.

Under normal circumstances, the direct descendant Drake would become the successor, but <The Northern Overlord> Xirdish interfered. According to him, Lennith should succeed the throne, not Drake. His desire for revolution had no room for Drake, so he took the previous Great Demon Lord's advisor as his pawn, and "found" the Great Demon Lord's last will and testament.