Character Information
Name Drake
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blood Red
Title(s) <Dethroned Crown Prince>

108th Demon Lord of the Demon Realm

Relatives Lione (Father)

Rhorkain (Uncle)
Lennith (Cousin)
Eleena (Sworn younger sister)

Status Alive
Professional Information
Race Demon
Affiliation Drake's Army
Location The Red Forest of Jonan
Web Novel Debut Chapter 2


He had long black hair and eyes red as blood. He also sported a single pearlescent horn.


He and his army were defeated by Xirdish <The Northern Overlord>, and his army who had gained power over the last few years. It was only one loss, but Drake lost everything because of that.


Drake excels in both tactics and strategy. He is described as a charismatic man, who is a bit meddlesome, but his plans were great. He never hesitated giving orders, and he was easy for subordinates to follow.