Drake's army consist of 550 men.

People Position Troops
Drake Leader 200
Eleena Emissary

Hirano Bonta

Evil God
Lu Gan Commander 300
Porters 50


Drake's united coalition of 190,000 were just involved in a great battle against the <The Northern Overlord> Xirdish's army of 190,000. His army was defeated, and their numbers drastically decreased. Forcing them into outlands is the direct result of that defeat. 240,000."

Most of the elite forces were lost in the battle with <The Northern Overlord>, all that were left were the dregs of a defeated army.

The mercenaries Drake's army defeated decided to join with them. It was just a mix of Goblins and Kobolds, but at present they numbered 50. There were some that were injured, but Lu Gan had them assigned as porters.