The Evil Gods are normally Demons.

When it comes to being an Evil God, they can't get clothes or food unless they're given as offerings. When offerings are given, there needs to be a place for them to go, therefore they need to visit the Celestial Realm periodically. Of course, there are also Gods who live self-sufficiently and rarely leave the Celestial Realm.

According to legend Evil Gods are quite gigantic.

A basic Evil God package, comes fully loaded with a bunch of powers one doesn't need, like bloatware.

A normal reincarnation as an Evil God one would only need about 100,000,000 Karma.

As an Evil God, the dogma one collects on isn't Good Deeds (Karma). The dogma of an Evil God is gained through horrible acts, but one can't get any karma by doing that. It won't take away Karma at least.

The Evil God's EmissaryEdit

The Evil God's Emissary, is the designation the Evil God uses for the person who acts as their prophet to the people. They devote themselves entirely to the Evil God, and a virgin maiden is typically chosen for this role.