Hirano Bonta
Hirano Bonta
Character Information
Name Hirano Bonta
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race Human
Job(s) Evil God
Rank Lower Junior First Rank

Bronze Rank

Affiliation Drake's Army
Location The Red Forest of Jonan
Web Novel Debut Chapter 1

History Edit

Bonta died after eating raw oysters.

The only available humanoid position for reincarnation was as an Evil God, but hr didn't have enough good deeds to afford a reincarnation, so he had to take out a loan. In order live the easy life in Heaven for the rest of his days, he first had to gather followers, pay off his loan, and accumulate enough good deeds to earn his place in Heaven on top of that. The total amounted to a whopping 560,000,000 karma. An average Japanese person accumulates about 270,000,00 of good karma in their lifetime, so he had to double that amount.

Suddenly after reincarnating, a bunch of messages popped up in his head. First was that to use miracle ○○ will consume 200 karma, and to effectively accumulate a lot of karma, he must defeat the Lesser Dragon in Yoedre Swamp in the outlands. Finally, that Gods have ranks; and he would be starting from Bronze rank.


As a God, he can now make small miracles.

He can use the basic Evil God skills, Thunder in the Background and Amplifier.