Character Information
Name Kurokamihime
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Status Alive
Professional Information
Race Evil God
Rank Upper Senior Fifth Ranked Evil God
Affiliation The Northern Overlord
Weapon Sky Piercer
Web Novel Debut Chapter 6

The Black Haired Princess, Kurokamihime. Upper Senior Fifth Ranked Evil God Kurokamihime. Patron deity of The Northern Overlord.

Appearance Edit

Kurokamihime is a gorgeous black haired woman. Her waist-length hair is as jet black as a crow. There is not one imperfection on her skin. She is slender, but, curvy in all the right places. Her waistline in particular is incredibly pleasing.

History Edit

Because of just that one woman, Drake's Army was obliterated.

Abilities Edit

<Kurokamihime> is a monster. A truly mighty warrior.