Lu Gan
Character Information
Name Lu Gan
Aliases <Half Faced> Lu Gan
Gender Male
Title(s) <Half Faced>
Relatives El Gen (Father)
Professional Information
Race Hobgoblin
Affiliation Drake's Army
Weapon Battleaxe
Web Novel Debut Chapter 9

The hobgoblin Lu Gan, is the commander of a 300 man mercenary squad.

Appearance Edit

A brown colored goblinoid, with only half his face. The left side does not move. His old scars are haphazardly stitched up across his face.

History Edit

Lu Gan was teased for being a 'mutt,' and he climbed the ranks through his own effort.

Lu Gan previously fought under the command of Drake, who at the time, was the supreme commander of the anti- Alliance.

Lu Gan was personally given a secret mission by Venon the <Clairvoyant> to hunt down and kill the <Dethroned Crown Prince> Drake.

Abilities Edit

Lu Gan is a genuine warrior, and he manages a medium-sized unit. He has trained his subordinates himself, and they were a force to be reckoned with. The 300 elite soldiers Lu Gan commanded had trained by hunting down criminals.